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3 Important Things Propane Marketers Can Do to Prepare for the Fall 

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Prepare CSRs for Fall Propane Shoppers – Fall is when new account activity is at one of its highest points. Preparing your CSRs to handle the influx of new prospect calls is most valuable. All CSRs should purport your value in very similar ways. Ninety-nine percent of new prospect calls are never asked for their business. Therefore, when a prospect calls a propane marketer they’re giving you valuable information: that they use your product and they are interested in buying your product. Train your CSRs to provide information about your value to overcome objections and then ask for the sale. You can’t close them all, but you will transmit that you’re a good company to do business with, that you want their business, and that you’re willing to earn it.

Market Price Intelligence – Knowing your market price can be the difference between a good season and a fair or poor season. To determine where you stand, have a Price Survey of your competitors done by a third party, weekly, bi-weekly or at a minimum monthlySurveys can increase your margins when tenths and hundredths of a penny matter. Pricing is one of the most important aspects of managing your energy company i.e. gain margins and profitability. Have a price survey done of your competitors by a third party, weekly, bi-weekly or at a minimum monthly. It can help retain customers by remaining competitive. Interdependent third party price surveys are considered the accurate and accepted way to get competitive pricing. Do them legally. Learn if you are pricing where you want to be in your market for many different rates and fees. Price surveys are custom made for your marketing needs.

Having a Plan – Make a plan for your marketing activities over the next 3-6 months. Adjust as you may need to during the span. Have a weekly and monthly plan to promote your strengths. As your market activity accelerates in the fall re-examine your materials, websites, and social media to make sure it is current and up to date. Refresh these platforms with what your company can provide and offer. Update your pictures and graphics to make sure they reflect current trends. Mix traditional marketing like newsletters, door hangers, direct mail with electronic social media, blogs, and most importantly: current websites. New prospects need to see marketing materials to learn about all the things your company does. Don’t assume they know what you do and provide.