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“This was the best Customer Service Training program I have ever attended. I learned methods on how to convey our company values than just giving out a price to the customer.”

“Their Price Protection pieces are just fantastic. They know how to word our programs just right and make it very easy for the customer to understand and the steps they must take to sign-up.”

“I was very impressed by the level of industry experience that the Pro Image Sales Consultants have. They know the energy business extremely well and have given us tools to make us more sales focused and profitable during the year.”

“Each marketing piece they have designed for our company has produced instant sales results…sometimes 10-fold!”

“The telephone techniques were excellent. Especially the examples with overcoming and handling the toughest customer objections. Also some of the soft closes we practiced with asking the customer for the order will be very helpful.”

“The staff is very knowledgeable, friendly and professional. They strive for excellence.”

“Pro Image did an excellent job designing our Company Brochure this past year. They provided expert advice and produced an advertising piece that had immediate impact on the types of products & services we offer to customers.”

“We have used Pro Image for a number of different marketing programs throughout the year. They have always met our critical project deadlines for these programs and have ‘Top Notch Service’.”

“Our entire Company…Managers, Sales Reps, CSR’s and Technicians need to attend this training session. It is exactly what we need as a company to grow our market share and be a step above our competition.”

“I found the selling scripts to be very useful. It provides some helpful product/ service bullets that you can refer to when speaking to customers on the phone.”

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