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Sales: The Key Ingredient to Greater Profits

If you aren’t actively selling your products and services you aren’t going to survive the energy business. You already have the facility, you already have the employees, so make sure you are doing everything possible to generate new sales each and every day.


That’s where PRO IMAGE can help. We cover every aspect of sales for your company:

  • Evaluation of Your Products and Services: Are you wasting time on products and services that are costing you more than they are worth? Are you missing opportunities with other products and services you could easily be offering? Let’s take a look.

  • Pricing: How are you positioning yourself in the marketplace? You may be underpricing your services — we can show you how to charge at more profitable rates and still sell more!

  • Market Research: We’ll help you determine the right pricing by evaluating your competitors with Secret Shoppers, Competitor Surveys, and Customer Satisfaction Surveys.

  • Marketing Materials: Set the stage and generate leads. Strengthen your brand so you become the best choice in the marketplace. Create awareness of your products and services.

  • "What to Say": Ensure your employees make the most of every opportunity with your customers. Every call and every face-to-face contact can open the door for a sale.

  • Telemarketing: If the customers won’t come to you, we can help you reach your customers.

To learn more about our sales training and consultation services contact us today.

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