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Impressions Count

For many customers, marketing materials are the only impression they have of your company — other than your billing statements.


After all, unless you have a showroom (that you market effectively), most customers never personally interact with your well-trained staff. In fact, most customers aren’t even home for fuel deliveries, so they never meet your courteous driver, or see your state-of-the-art fuel truck


Marketing materials are the gateway to your company, your image, your services, your competence, and your value. What are your marketing materials saying about YOUR company?


If you have self-made, or unorganized materials that are poorly written and have no brand consistency:

  • Your customers may question if your employees lack professional training and provide a lower level of service
  • They may think you cut corners in the quality of your products and services
  • Customers may feel your employees won’t consider the issues of safety, installation, and care of their home and property
NOTE: While these things may NOT be true, your materials are conveying these messages.

If you have very few or no marketing materials:
  • Your customers may feel they are unimportant to you
  • If another company sends them a “Switch & Save” offer, they are very likely to switch — after all, they barely know you
  • They may not be aware that you offer equipment, service plans, budget plans, etc.
  • Even if they are ready to make an equipment or service purchase, they will most likely NOT call to inquire if you do offer them
NOTE: While these things may NOT be true, your lack of materials are conveying these messages.

If you have PRO IMAGE marketing materials:
  • Your customers will feel confident they have the right energy company
  • You will appear “large” and competent
  • They may not want to take a chance with another company, even for a “Switch & Save” offer — after all, they can count on you to be there for them, to have the fuel they need, and to do every job right
  • They know what you offer, and will always take the time to quote with you, even if they are also quoting with other sources

Contact us today to review your marketing materials and learn how they can sell for you or place an order now.

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