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Barry Harris

Barry Harris has over 34 years of leadership from the ground up in the heating oil, HVAC and propane industries.


He started with a local operation with seven employees and advanced to a $25M Zone Management position at one of the largest heating oil and propane companies in the northeast. Later he moved up to a Regional Operating Manager covering two states with two of the largest heating oil, propane and HVAC companies in the northeast. Barry was responsible for over $150M in business, 350 full time employees, 55,000 customers and nine locations.


During that time, Barry has lived in and had experience in six distinct markets including Connecticut, Eastern and Western Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Long Island New York and upstate New York. He integrated 12 newly acquired companies into the existing or new stand alone locations. He was instrumental in the evaluation and due diligence in acquiring companies in his regions.

Through his initiatives and inventory management he has:

  • Turned around unprofitable operations to $7M in profitable results

  • Improved HVAC and service operations from red ink results to profitable departments making $500k contribution to the overall operation

  • Exceeded expected Return on Equities of over 40% in acquiring companies

  • Reduced inventory costs including the reduction of shrink by over $50,000 in one unit

  • Integrated systems to improve delivery routing, flat rate billing, and the introduction of new products and services to increase profitability through new revenues and cost containment

Barry also provided leadership to managers of staffs in effective and sensitive personnel communications. His effective communication skills have been taught to front line supervisors and managers. He has provided tools for effective leadership of diverse and close knit work forces.


Contact Barry now to learn more about how he can help you experience greater profits with your energy company.

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